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Maldon Salt

The 'Maldon: Change The Way You Salt' campaign was actually my first project I worked on in university. With the goal of creating a full campaign for fancy salt brand, Maldon, I wanted to showcase all the ways a fine salt can be used in culinary creations - from the wonderful to weirdly satisfying. Salt is good on fries and chicken, but salt on watermelon? Incredible. a sprinkle of Maldon on ice cream? game changing.

I created a print ad for food magazines:

Then developed billboard ads with closeups of food and the beautiful pyramid salt crystals:

Finally, a short 15 second video ad bringing the campaign to life.

Working on this campaign, I had never heard of Maldon and couldn't understand how a salt could be so hyped up. But after trying it during the photo shoot, I was instantly hooked and Maldon is a staple item in my kitchen. I put that shit on everything.